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1. Jasmine is like a ballerina music box, constantly spinning, constantly singing, but ain't getting dizzy. 2. Jasmine is like a fruit platter, a variety. She can be sickeningly sweet and unbearably bitter, but one thing's for sure, you won't get tired of her. 3. Jasmine is that kid that's, like, so hot inside and out, but her crazy overshadows all of that. 4. Jasmine is good for you. 5. Jasmine breathes creativity to live and drinks inspiration to move on. Her day's in havoc when inspiration's away.

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October 9th, 2009

So it’s my first time to blog after ages, and today, kids, I’d like to take on a topic that has been bugging me for the longest time. 

Grammar. At least I think that’s what you call it. 

It’s sad that with the advent of technology, people have disgregarded proper grammar. Either that, or they’re simply becoming illiterate. A lot of the texts I get have people typing in sticky caps. In sHoRt, ThEy tYpE LiKe tHiS. What’s worse is that 75% of the time, they disregard vowels and interchange letters. So, In eFfCt, DeY TyPe lYk dIS. Take it to an extreme level. They drop vowels and consonants, but add a million punctuation marks. ...HenCe,,, dEy tYpE lYk dIs!!!!!!! Mind you, sometimes I get official announcements TyPeD LyK Dat. Insert facepalm here. 

It’s downright migraine-inducing when the text is in Filipino. Say for example this text:

,,PwD PoH BnG MkHrM Ng nOTeS SuH sTat???,

I swear, I have gotten a text like that, and I nearly died of nosebleed. Do you really need all those extra punctuation marks before and after the text? And what the heck is pwd and mkhrm? It took me a full minute to realize that those so-called words meant “pwede” and “makahiram” respectively. I don’t understand why people can’t just text completely. Not only does it cause unnecessary confusion, it’s rude. It’s like disrespect; you can’t find the time to spare whoever you’re texting a well-worded statement. Or a few vowels at the very least. I think all cellphones have the requisite 26 letters of the alphabet and then some. Show me one that doesn’t and I will gladly eat my socks. 

I know this may sound mean, but I can’t take these kinds of texters seriously. I know a lot of smart people who text this way, and it just gets me irritated because I know they can text properly, but they don’t. Some may argue that it’s for convenience’s sake. Sure, but the easy way is not necessarily the right way. And the easy way doesn’t seem like the sincere way. Like when people apologize to me through text:

....im xo xori huh???

Yeah, the intention may have been there, but I’d give this one a negative score for sincerity and impact. 

What’s even more annoying is that people use improper grammar on the internet. Excuse me. Don’t you have a full keyboard with twenty-six letters and then some to type whatever you want to say completely and properly? 

On my Facebook feed, some people’s posts are always in capitals. Always. I don’t know if their caps lock key is broken or stuck or something, but it gets funny/annoying to see things like:


Did anyone ever tell you that typing in capitals is synonymous to yelling? No. Well, now I’m telling you. 

The same old thing happens on Facebook. The StIcKy cApS, use of a million punctuation marks...................... ,,,,,adding ChOnSoNaNtSsS and removing vwls. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think it shows that we have grown at all. In fact, it may seem that our generation has dumbed down. I don’t know how many people will agree with me here. 

I’m more concerned since some people who do this are Mass Communication students. My batchmates. How are we supposed to be good communicators if we don’t know how to communicate properly?

Matamaan ang matamaan. All I’m saying is you’re smarter than that. We’re all smarter than that. A lot has happened because of the advancement of technology, but I don’t think we should allow the negative effects to continue. After all, we are perceptive, thinking, breathing, observing, intelligent human beings. Not cockroaches. Let’s show the world that we actually put our brains to use. 

June 23rd, 2009

blogging differently.

 As I wrote in my last journal entry, I am becoming an avid microblogger, and I'm trying out different blogging styles lately. 

As of now, I have Twitter, Plurk and now, Tumblr on my list of blogs with unique formats. I love the challenges they present. Twitter and Plurk are basically microblogging. Posts are only allowed to be 140 characters in length (though people cheat by posting more than once). It's a fun, easy and short way to update people or announce stuff. 

Tumblr, on the other hand, is a mixed-media blog site. It is simple to use and simple to view. You can posts text, photos, quotes, links, audio or video links and even chat conversations (and they don't look messy at all!) It's no frills, no-fuss. You can blog as long or as short as you like, and you can blog in words or pictures (whichever you prefer.)

I joined Tumblr four hours ago. Haha. I have two tumblrs. One is a regular anything-goes blog. The other is a theme blog. I named it onehundredwords, and basically, I have to tell a story I want to tell (fictional or not) in exactly one hundred words. I might revive my digital camera to take pictures for the stories, but right now it's all text. Go check them out. 


Also, please check out JB/Noise, an online magazine that has taken up much of my waking hours during the last weeks of May. :P It's an online magazine by and for Jonas Brothers fans in the Philippines and I wrote a lot of stuff in it. Haha. Even if you don't like the Jonas Brothers (and yay you if you do; you are an enlightened soul) please do check it out and tell me what you think. :) 


June 21st, 2009

Back on LJ.

 Right. So the new Multiply kind of sucks. I'm back on LJ, though I guess I will still be cross-posting entries. 

First week of school is over. In this week, I have learned that I love my course more than I thought imaginable. I have a great respect for Mass Comm and the people who are in the field of Communications. With any luck, I'll be joining them soon, too. :) 

I have a blister. I've named it Ted. Say hi to Ted. Ted has been causing me extreme pain in the past few days. I can't wear regular shoes because they hurt. I can only wear slippers. Ugh. I hate you, Ted.

By the way, I'm an avid microblogger now. Follow me on Twitter (@jasminestiara) and Plurk (rainydaysandsunsets). Easy way to update mundane stuff while I think of good blog entries to write. Right now, I shall skeedadle. I want to finish a fic. :) 

March 28th, 2009

First of Summer.

It's officially summer vacation today! Finally! No more pencils, no more books, no more teacher's dirty looks! 

Well, technically, we used pens, not pencils. And books will still be a part of my summer, but only fiction ones. No technical textbooks, thankyouverymuch. Plus, some of our teachers were okay, I guess.

Emphasis on some

Funny how I've grown up after each schoolyear. Usually, I would be extremely sad during the last day of class since it meant two whole months of not seeing my friends. Since I started college, though, I've never been sad when the final day of class approaches. In fact, I feel relieved. I feel relieved moreso this semester. The last two weeks of school were absolute hell. I couldn't remember a night when I didn't sleep past midnight finishing or trying to finish my teleplay, thesis, or some report. 

I feel so much lighter now. It shows, too. My skin tone is back to it's normal, healthy color, and I don't have puffy bags under my eyes. I'm happy. I'm relaxed. It's a bit hot, but who cares? 

I can finally go back to writing my stories and fics. Gosh. I've missed writing. I didn't think homework would take up so much of my time the way it did this semester. I've so many story ideas just piling up at the back of my notebook, waiting to be written. I'm not even worried about my grades. I can do what I want to do. At this point, grades seem so insignificant. 

Summerrrr. I love you. 

March 20th, 2009

Goodbye, Juvenile detention center.


Hello, Jailhouse.                                               


It’s been more or less a week since I turned eighteen. You know what that means.  Finally legal. Wuhoo. I was saving this thank-you entry for a while now, because I wanted it to be special. I originally planned for this entry to be the first I’d type on Joseph, my new laptop (a gift from my parents). Since it took FOREVER for Joe to get fixed, I’ve been saving it and saving it until now. J


Thank-yous are definitely in order. I swear, I have never felt so loved. My birthday celebration started a few days before, with the JBnoys. I think this was the topic of my last blog, so I needn’t go into detail. J A few days later, on March 10, some of my high school friends and I celebrated my birthday, too. J They’re forever special.


And then, of course, the day itself. Gosh. It was simply surprise after surprise. First, I received about ten text messages from people greeting me at exactly midnight, with more texts through the day. I received a big box of Fererro from my special friend. Then, my friends and my soul sister devised a plan to surprise me with my favorite cake (no, NOT TIRAMISU, THANKS.) which was really funny ‘cause I was at the school internet shop at the time and it was almost exactly the same scenario as my birthday last year. This year, there were candles. :P


Almost immediately after, was the EXTREMELY FUNNY AND SUPER AWKWARD surprise from Brug and Bembem. They asked their friends from the music department (Jonas Brothers lookalikes daw) to give me my present. “Joe Jonas” handed me the gift, adding “Happy birthday from Joe Jonas and his brothers.” Er, okay?


My friends and classmates even gave me a last surprise: 18 Joe Jonases plus their messages written at the back. All those Joes, so much hotness. Aaaah.


The best part was that I didn’t flunk P.E. that day. And when I came home that day, I got my Joseph. J Plus a freebie cell phone, too.


When I woke up that morning, I lay in bed for a few minutes, thinking of how being eighteen years young would change my life. It hasn’t. I still feel like the same Jasmine I’ve always been. Nothing has drastically changed in my life. I don’t feel any different, though I admit that on my birthday, I felt light, happy, and content.


Eighteen is like a milestone, I suppose. A milestone that celebrates not just me, but the people who have been a part of my life. I want to take this time (really, really late, but better late than never) to thank the following who made me feel super special and extremely loved.



  • ·         The JBnoys (Fiel, Bryan, Maui, Grace, Kitkat, Lia) - what you guys did TOTALLY caught me by surprise and made me tear up. Thank you. Through you guys, I have learned that sometimes, distance doesn’t matter when it comes to true friendship. J
  • ·         Anna Katrina Lastimosa- you deserve a space of your own, with your full name. Yes, I know, I’ve thanked you before and I will thank you again. You’re like the sister I’ve always wanted to have. J ILY.
  • ·         Lia, Bryan, Melca, Ate Nicole, Feliz, Dani, Grace, Ched, Ella, France, Niki, and Yin – for the birthday greetings. :D My message inbox is so full ‘cause of you guys. ILY.
  • ·         Clyde, Melca and Janine- for the 18 Joes and the gifts. May Taylor and Robert be with us always. :P
  • ·         Roselle and Ate Nicole – for reasons mere words can’t give justice to. ILY both.
  • ·         202a- for the greetings. :D
  • ·         Vian- for the Fererro.
  • ·         Sir Quesada- for not flunking me in P.E. :D YAY.
  • ·         Everyone else I might have missed.


Here’s to you guys. J I definitely have a lot to live for. Here’s hoping that I don’t land in jail, and I do marry Joe Jonas in an ostentatious wedding in Greece, wherein all of you will be bridesmaids. Ha. 

March 9th, 2009

A reason.


A couple of weeks ago, I felt drained. I was tired of my boring, routine life. I felt like I needed a reason to get up in the mornings with a smile on my lips and a song in my soul, but try as I might, I couldn't find that reason. I wished that I would find that reason, so I could be genuinely happy again.

Last Saturday, I found that reason. A group of friends met up at Trinoma to watch the Jonas Brothers Concert Experience. It was also supposed to be an early birthday celebration for me, though I really wasn't expecting anything. Imagine my surprise, then, when after the movie, Kitkat handed me this huge homemade birthday card containing messages from some of my JBnoys friends. I was shocked, speechless and extremely touched.

It just goes to show how I made some of the best friends online. Even if we don't see each other that often, they still did something to make my birthday special. It was the sweetest, most touching thing anyone has ever done for me--I didn't even ask for it. I think it'll be one of the most valuable things I will ever own, 'cause I really felt so extremely loved. It was the reason I'd been searching for: that I do matter to some people and they would do things to make me feel happy, loved and special.

ILY JBnoys. Thank you so much.

March 5th, 2009

William Wordsworth once said that "Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility. " It basically means that one shouldn't write in the heat of the moment; we should collect our thoughts and examine them when we have come down from the emotional high, because, sometimes, our revised thoughts are clearer and better than the thoughts the come forth from us when we're still drowning in the zone.

The above paragraph is my excuse for not blogging right away about the most amazing day of my seventeen-year-old life.

The last day of February was marked in my planner as the Best. Day. Ever. It's even written in glittery bold red ink, and whenver I flip through the pages of my planner, I can't help but pause and smile when I see that entry, and the accompanying card inserted into that page of my planner.

See, February 28th was the advanced screening date of the Jonas Brothers 3D Concert Movie Experience. March 4 is the real release date here in the Philippines, but MCA Music gave some of us JBnoys an opportunity to see the movie before everyone else.

Not only did we get free tickets and a chance to see the next best thing besides a real live Jonas Brothers concert, it was such a great experience because we had a chance to bond with each other again, and make new friends with JBnoys we hadn't met yet.

When G and I arrived at the Atrium of North Edsa, it all went too fast for me. Everyone was shiny and happy, and m'gosh. Hugs all around. I was most touched when Kitkat really screamed out loud when she saw me, and as she hugged me, her scream echoed through the Atrium. Man, that's love. I think people stopped to look, but heck. Who cares. It just goes to show that yes, online friends are real friends, too. I missed all of them: Kate, Eira, Fiel, Lia, Gia, Jho, Marian, Kitkat.. I think we saw Fiel first, and she was in this very very cool Beatles shirt which I want. :P

There are several things I will never forget about this day. First was the aforementioned. Second is the standees and posters. I think there were about two million Jonas posters and standees around North Edsa (Only I'm bad at math, so don't take my word for it), and all of them were freaking hot. It was so awkward yet fun when we carried the cardboard Jonas Brothers up to the cinema. I kept thinking that if it was a real Jonas brother, he'd be carrying me. But let's save that thought for another blog.

Another thing I won't forget is the conversations. Great people, great conversations. We stayed at Sebastian's while waiting for 6pm to roll around. We had the most awkward yet fun topics that included the Chinese, Camp Rock Panties, the Burning Up Book, a certain PIE and Taylor Swift (or as I like to call her, Little Miss No-Show-at-her-own-movie). Forgive me for sounding redundant now, but it was all so, so, so fun, amazing, awesome (God, do I sound like Kevin now? XD)

We even met more JBnoys! Bryan, Maui, Alyssa, Carla, Grace... Gosh, you are all so cool and I so love you. I met other JBnoys who, I'm afraid I will know by face and not by name now. When cocktails rolled around, people got drunk on teen spirit. Well, I did, at least. I proposed marriage to a cardboard Joe Jonas. How's that for fangirling?

We also met lots of cool people. We met the Total Girl editors, Pam Pastor of Inquirer, VJ Drei (who I wish really was a Jonas), among others. We even got interviewed! Ah. Kitkat is officially semi-famous now. @-) Yiiiie.

The movie itself was a mind-blowing experience. I shall save my opinions and thoughts about it for another review, probably up by Saturday. And in reference to my entry title, YES I AM GLAD MY DEODORANT HELD UP. @-) I would have seriously died if I didn't smell powder fresh after that movie, which should have been given a freaking R rating. The Jonas boys are just too hot for words.

Saturday... was really one of the best days I've had so far. I find it funny that I can always have a good time with the JBnoys, considering I don't even get to see them every day. I guess that's true friendship, then. It's not really about the distance, but the trust. I love love love my JBnoys and I can't wait to see you guys again on Saturday. :)

A thought: I'm glad I thought about this entry before writing it, because if I wrote it immediately after the movie, I would have probably written something like this:


But heck, that was fun to write, so let's end this coherent entry with an incoherent exlamation. XD


March 3rd, 2009

And here's what she wants:

  • Every Girl's Guide to Heartaches by Marla Miniano
  • Every Girl's Guide to Flings by Marla Miniano
  • Books from The Private Series by Kate Brian
  • Just Listen by Sarah Dessen
  • Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List by David Levithan and Rachel Cohn
  • How They Met and Other Stories by David Levithan
  • The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen
  • Size 12 is Not Fat by Meg Cabot
  • Size 14 is Not Fat, Either by Meg Cabot
  • Pants on Fire by Meg Cabot
  • Thanks for the Memories by Cecilia Ahern
  • The Virgin's Lover by Philippa Gregory
  • The Constant Princess by Philippa Gregory
  • Sloppy Firsts by Megan McCafferty
  • Second Helpings by Megan McCafferty
  • Charmed Thirds by Megan McCafferty
  • Fourth Comings by Megan McCafferty
  • Perfect Fifths by Megan McCafferty
  • Burning Up Book by the Jonas Brothers


  • more skinnies. :D
  • a big roomy bag in gold or silver.


That's it, I suppose. :P More homework to do.

February 24th, 2009

I frigging OD-ed on Tiramisu earlier this afternoon and I feel so bloated. I think I can still smell the rum they used in the cake. Ugh. I was not meant to eat that much cake in one sitting.

For the first time in a long time, I missed high school so much. :( I don't miss St. Scho. I still study at St. Scho. The buildings are the same, the walls are still ecru, the canteen food is still so-so. What I miss is high school, the experience, the memories. Our batch graduated a mere two years ago and it seems like a lifetime. So much has changed.

Today, we had our elective reunion. Sad, 'cause a lot of people from our batch didn't come. Oh well. More than paying attention to the short films of the current Campus Media students, we had fun being boisterous, like we were. I don't remember much. Only being really really... full. Of cake.

We watched the demo video we made all those years ago. Gosh. Funny how the things we said and did in that video showed who we were, and the stuff we thought we would be somehow came true. :P I really fell silent watching it. It was eerie, seeing a part of my high school like that, mapped out for me. It was weirder seeing me talk abot my future. It seemed so unsure back then. Hm. It still seems kinda unsure.

Still, I suppose. When we made that video, I never knew what would happen to me. I didn't know about the friends I'd make now, the positions I'd be in... I didn't know any of that. And to see me there, so happy (stressed) and... calm... it was just weird.

I suppose I can't think straight now. I'm so full up to my neck. :| TIRAMISU.

February 19th, 2009

Today, I shall blog..


..because I haven't blogged in a while.

Ahh, my head is bursting. There's just too much to do and so little time to do it. Among the things fighting for attention are the Literature book review, Filipino Thesis (I mean, GOD, who really writes a thesis in Filipino?), Theo project, WriMaMed Script... I seriously feel like I'm in an emergency room sometimes, 'cause right now, life is exactly like that. Some days are boring, nothing happens. Other days are loaded, heavy, stressful, that I can't sleep 'til late because I'm up all night doing a paper that will get me a halfway decent grade.

I'm tired, stressed out, burned out. Some days, when I get home from school, I want to blog but I can't. Sometimes there's nothing to write about. ...okay, that's a lie. There's always something to write about, but I can't seem to find the words that will perfectly convey what I want to write about. I miss blogging. I miss writing. I haven't written a chapter of my fic in ages. I haven't read in a long time either.

Last week, I was able to read three books. All fiction, meaning not related at all to schoolwork. It felt so great. I felt so accomplished after reading each book, because I felt that the real Jasmine, who was being suffocated by so many stressful things, was finally able to take a breath of fresh air. Finally. It was like a part of me of long ago (but not really long ago) came back, and life seemed more manageable, more bright.

And on the subject of a bright life, I met up with high school friends this week, too. Man, they always know how to make me smile. Nothing beats high school friends. We talked about such vulgar topics over lunch, and it felt nice because with them, I can be extremely open in a way I can't with my college friends. It's definitely different when you've grown up with someone, 'cause you know that they're going to love you anyway, quirks and all.

I'm so excited for the 28th. I can't wait to see my JBnoys again. :) Aaah, it's been just too long. It's the only thing keeping me going right now. I keep thinking of what will happen when we finally see each other again after a zillion years. I wonder if people cut their hair. I wonder if some of them had lipo done. Kidding. But seriously.

With life and all its' stresses, I still feel pretty darn lucky 'cause I'm blessed with all these friends who can offer support and make me smile even when I feel like crying. Ah. Crying because I don't know how to translate an entire English book report into Filipino, or crying because my eyes are bleeding from staring at the computer screen for so long. :P Well, whatever. C'est la vie.

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