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A Fairytale Wonderland

Goodbye, Juvenile detention center.

jas is love. <3


Jasmine. [n] Jas. Floral. Princessy. Dreamer. Debater. Writer. Bookworm. Artist. Frustrated Singer. Designer. Choc-nut Aficionado. Harry Potter addict. Walking, Talking Dictionary. Crazy. Blue Flamer. Romantic. Kulasa.

1. Jasmine is like a ballerina music box, constantly spinning, constantly singing, but ain't getting dizzy. 2. Jasmine is like a fruit platter, a variety. She can be sickeningly sweet and unbearably bitter, but one thing's for sure, you won't get tired of her. 3. Jasmine is that kid that's, like, so hot inside and out, but her crazy overshadows all of that. 4. Jasmine is good for you. 5. Jasmine breathes creativity to live and drinks inspiration to move on. Her day's in havoc when inspiration's away.

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Goodbye, Juvenile detention center.

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Goodbye, Juvenile detention center.


Hello, Jailhouse.                                               


It’s been more or less a week since I turned eighteen. You know what that means.  Finally legal. Wuhoo. I was saving this thank-you entry for a while now, because I wanted it to be special. I originally planned for this entry to be the first I’d type on Joseph, my new laptop (a gift from my parents). Since it took FOREVER for Joe to get fixed, I’ve been saving it and saving it until now. J


Thank-yous are definitely in order. I swear, I have never felt so loved. My birthday celebration started a few days before, with the JBnoys. I think this was the topic of my last blog, so I needn’t go into detail. J A few days later, on March 10, some of my high school friends and I celebrated my birthday, too. J They’re forever special.


And then, of course, the day itself. Gosh. It was simply surprise after surprise. First, I received about ten text messages from people greeting me at exactly midnight, with more texts through the day. I received a big box of Fererro from my special friend. Then, my friends and my soul sister devised a plan to surprise me with my favorite cake (no, NOT TIRAMISU, THANKS.) which was really funny ‘cause I was at the school internet shop at the time and it was almost exactly the same scenario as my birthday last year. This year, there were candles. :P


Almost immediately after, was the EXTREMELY FUNNY AND SUPER AWKWARD surprise from Brug and Bembem. They asked their friends from the music department (Jonas Brothers lookalikes daw) to give me my present. “Joe Jonas” handed me the gift, adding “Happy birthday from Joe Jonas and his brothers.” Er, okay?


My friends and classmates even gave me a last surprise: 18 Joe Jonases plus their messages written at the back. All those Joes, so much hotness. Aaaah.


The best part was that I didn’t flunk P.E. that day. And when I came home that day, I got my Joseph. J Plus a freebie cell phone, too.


When I woke up that morning, I lay in bed for a few minutes, thinking of how being eighteen years young would change my life. It hasn’t. I still feel like the same Jasmine I’ve always been. Nothing has drastically changed in my life. I don’t feel any different, though I admit that on my birthday, I felt light, happy, and content.


Eighteen is like a milestone, I suppose. A milestone that celebrates not just me, but the people who have been a part of my life. I want to take this time (really, really late, but better late than never) to thank the following who made me feel super special and extremely loved.



  • ·         The JBnoys (Fiel, Bryan, Maui, Grace, Kitkat, Lia) - what you guys did TOTALLY caught me by surprise and made me tear up. Thank you. Through you guys, I have learned that sometimes, distance doesn’t matter when it comes to true friendship. J
  • ·         Anna Katrina Lastimosa- you deserve a space of your own, with your full name. Yes, I know, I’ve thanked you before and I will thank you again. You’re like the sister I’ve always wanted to have. J ILY.
  • ·         Lia, Bryan, Melca, Ate Nicole, Feliz, Dani, Grace, Ched, Ella, France, Niki, and Yin – for the birthday greetings. :D My message inbox is so full ‘cause of you guys. ILY.
  • ·         Clyde, Melca and Janine- for the 18 Joes and the gifts. May Taylor and Robert be with us always. :P
  • ·         Roselle and Ate Nicole – for reasons mere words can’t give justice to. ILY both.
  • ·         202a- for the greetings. :D
  • ·         Vian- for the Fererro.
  • ·         Sir Quesada- for not flunking me in P.E. :D YAY.
  • ·         Everyone else I might have missed.


Here’s to you guys. J I definitely have a lot to live for. Here’s hoping that I don’t land in jail, and I do marry Joe Jonas in an ostentatious wedding in Greece, wherein all of you will be bridesmaids. Ha. 

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