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jas is love. <3


Jasmine. [n] Jas. Floral. Princessy. Dreamer. Debater. Writer. Bookworm. Artist. Frustrated Singer. Designer. Choc-nut Aficionado. Harry Potter addict. Walking, Talking Dictionary. Crazy. Blue Flamer. Romantic. Kulasa.

1. Jasmine is like a ballerina music box, constantly spinning, constantly singing, but ain't getting dizzy. 2. Jasmine is like a fruit platter, a variety. She can be sickeningly sweet and unbearably bitter, but one thing's for sure, you won't get tired of her. 3. Jasmine is that kid that's, like, so hot inside and out, but her crazy overshadows all of that. 4. Jasmine is good for you. 5. Jasmine breathes creativity to live and drinks inspiration to move on. Her day's in havoc when inspiration's away.

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Back on LJ.

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 Right. So the new Multiply kind of sucks. I'm back on LJ, though I guess I will still be cross-posting entries. 

First week of school is over. In this week, I have learned that I love my course more than I thought imaginable. I have a great respect for Mass Comm and the people who are in the field of Communications. With any luck, I'll be joining them soon, too. :) 

I have a blister. I've named it Ted. Say hi to Ted. Ted has been causing me extreme pain in the past few days. I can't wear regular shoes because they hurt. I can only wear slippers. Ugh. I hate you, Ted.

By the way, I'm an avid microblogger now. Follow me on Twitter (@jasminestiara) and Plurk (rainydaysandsunsets). Easy way to update mundane stuff while I think of good blog entries to write. Right now, I shall skeedadle. I want to finish a fic. :) 
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