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blogging differently.

jas is love. <3


Jasmine. [n] Jas. Floral. Princessy. Dreamer. Debater. Writer. Bookworm. Artist. Frustrated Singer. Designer. Choc-nut Aficionado. Harry Potter addict. Walking, Talking Dictionary. Crazy. Blue Flamer. Romantic. Kulasa.

1. Jasmine is like a ballerina music box, constantly spinning, constantly singing, but ain't getting dizzy. 2. Jasmine is like a fruit platter, a variety. She can be sickeningly sweet and unbearably bitter, but one thing's for sure, you won't get tired of her. 3. Jasmine is that kid that's, like, so hot inside and out, but her crazy overshadows all of that. 4. Jasmine is good for you. 5. Jasmine breathes creativity to live and drinks inspiration to move on. Her day's in havoc when inspiration's away.

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blogging differently.

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 As I wrote in my last journal entry, I am becoming an avid microblogger, and I'm trying out different blogging styles lately. 

As of now, I have Twitter, Plurk and now, Tumblr on my list of blogs with unique formats. I love the challenges they present. Twitter and Plurk are basically microblogging. Posts are only allowed to be 140 characters in length (though people cheat by posting more than once). It's a fun, easy and short way to update people or announce stuff. 

Tumblr, on the other hand, is a mixed-media blog site. It is simple to use and simple to view. You can posts text, photos, quotes, links, audio or video links and even chat conversations (and they don't look messy at all!) It's no frills, no-fuss. You can blog as long or as short as you like, and you can blog in words or pictures (whichever you prefer.)

I joined Tumblr four hours ago. Haha. I have two tumblrs. One is a regular anything-goes blog. The other is a theme blog. I named it onehundredwords, and basically, I have to tell a story I want to tell (fictional or not) in exactly one hundred words. I might revive my digital camera to take pictures for the stories, but right now it's all text. Go check them out. 


Also, please check out JB/Noise, an online magazine that has taken up much of my waking hours during the last weeks of May. :P It's an online magazine by and for Jonas Brothers fans in the Philippines and I wrote a lot of stuff in it. Haha. Even if you don't like the Jonas Brothers (and yay you if you do; you are an enlightened soul) please do check it out and tell me what you think. :) 


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